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Pokemon Meme [Redone]

1. Fav game?

2. First game?

3. Fav Pokemon?
Eevees. All of them. Even the ones I made. I can have 17 favorites right?

4. Fav type?
I tend to use a lot of Fire types, but I think the safest thing to say is that I like Cat/Dog/Fox/Bird/Dragon types the best.

5. Fav character?
Mr. Dragon Master himself. Lance <3

6. Your Party?
Red: Digimon (Charizard) Lvl.39, Fox (Oddish) Lvl.15.
Blue: Cedric (Blastoise) Lvl.38, Jack (Bellsprout) Lvl.16.
Crystal: Alistir (Flareon) Lvl.50, Kuno (Umbreon) Lvl.50, Takara (Espeon) Lvl.50, Kuya (Vaporeon) Lvl.50, Troy (Jolteon) Lvl.50, Delta (Pidgeot) Lvl.36.
Sapphire: Sky (Gardevoir) Lvl.44, Astra (Absol) Lvl.49, Malakai (Mightyena) Lvl.45, Sven (Skarmory) Lvl.43, Grovyle Lvl.23, Demetrius (Manectric) Lvl.49.
Leaf-Green: Caesar (Charizard) Lvl.45, Jonas (Vaporeon) Lvl.46, Kelly (Pidgeot) Lvl.37, Storm (Raichu) Lvl.35, Penelope (Butterfree) Lvl.40, Fleance (Persian) Lvl.37.
Diamond: Yvonne (Luxray) Lvl.78, Greg (Starly) Lvl.2, Aklvvz (Piplup) Lvl.5, Egg, Infiltrate (Onix) Lvl.11.
Heart-Gold: Landon (Salamance) Lvl.72, Ace (Garchomp) Lvl.71, Jason (Dragonite) Lvl.72, Apollonir (Charizard) Lvl.72, Storm (Flygon) Lvl.74.
Soul-Silver: Nemesis (Espeon) Lvl.75, Firefly (Leafeon) Lvl.71, Artemis (Glaceon) Lvl.63, Jay (Umbeon) Lvl.64, Freyda (Vaporeon) Lvl.10, Red (Flareon) Lvl.11.
Black: Arwen (Virizion) Lvl.55, Kevin (Tranquill) Lvl.28, Soren (Reshiram) Lvl.52, Farore (Serperior) Lvl.53, Nero (Sawsbuck) Lvl.50, Kiri (Chandelure) Lvl.54.

7. Your Trainer name?
Red: Steve (Boy)
Blue: Kouya (Boy)
Crystal: Amy (Girl)
Sapphire: Falcan (Girl)
Leaf-Green: Kouya (Girl)
Diamond: Star (Girl)
Heart-Gold: Malak (Boy)
Soul-Silver: Xera (Girl)
Black: Xera (Girl)

8. Your rival (a friend)
My rival.. Probably someone, but really... I deny any kind of opposition anyone might pose against me.

9. Your status (ex: Bugcatcher Greg)
Supreme Overlord Xera Falcan.


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Personal Quote: Holy Jananas!

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It was awesome. You gotta show me how you color. It's really good O:
funkymonkeysyd Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
awww~ thank you!! that was just basic...paint bucket with burn tool actually ><
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Thanks for the fave on my Homestuck piece! Feel free to DeviantWATCH me for more works. :giggle:

Oh god you have good coloring in your submissions. Good job!
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Thank you! :33
I'm pretty hard on myself about my coloring. I'm glad you think it's good! ><
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